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Anyone want to take a guess at the worst feeling in the world before they continue reading this, go ahead.
Here's a few hints.

It's not physical pain like Child Birth or Ulcers or Kidney Stones.
It's not annoying bug bites that you keep scratching at.
It's not cysts in places that prevent you from walking.

It's wanting to write a story on a certain subject matter that fits into the underlying theme of all of your other original stories, having the subject matter, A NAME THAT CAME FROM A BLOODY STREET SIGN, a randomizer that fits with the theme, even a freaking setting BUT NO FREAKING PLOT TO GO WITH IT!!!

I can't go for walks because I can't move around much for another few days. I can't shut my mind off like I so normally do in these situations. I can't settle down enough to sit around and listen to music. I can't distract myself with other stories that need attention for fear of losing this idea and the "roll" I thought I was on with it. I can't focus enough to actually think structurally about this thing. I can't even write this without looking up every three seconds. I'm trying to talk to as many people as I know to help me with this because this is going to drive me more up the wall then Denmark does to Norway on a daily basis.

I do have one person trying to help me, and that means a lot. You know who you are and I love you for that, <3. Anyone who has my number and is reading this, please text I need serious venting time, maybe more help with it, sort of like a support group rather then just one person so I can bounce more ideas off.

If anyone who doesn't have my number and wants to help, just post questions on this journal that I can try to answer that could lead to character development, plot structure, conflict for the story, underlying romance thing, literally anything it would be a great help. EVEN THOSE STUPID CHARACTER MEMES I COULD FILL OUT. Friendly advice that might help me concentrate on this. I really need it other wise I won't get any sleep and I'm meeting up with an old middle school buddy of mine, more like my little, taller then me, brother, tomorrow and I don't want to be all annoyed and frustrated and snapping at him over lunch. 

Such is the life of an aspiring novelist. *sigh*

To anyone who cares, thanks for reading, this is the end of my rant, if you want to help, I won't turn it down.

Sorry if any of you reading this think I'm whining. I'm just desperate for help.

Thanks again.
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Ash Rose Evans
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Current Residence: New Jersey
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite style of art: Anime, manga
Favourite cartoon character: Tamaki, Zero, Edward Elric, InuYasha, Soul, Maka, Black Star, Spirit, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, ect
Personal Quote: "All because of you, I believe in angels, Not the kind with wings, No not the kind with halos, The kind that bring you home, When home becomes a strange place" - Rise Against, The Good Left Undone


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